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United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute

Something changes when the arts are an everyday part of learning. No culture — from West Africa to India to Brazil – is foreign once you’ve learned to sing and play its music. You’ll never forget high and low-pressure weather systems after you’ve danced them. When you build shadow puppets and perform scripts you’ve written, mythology becomes real. And once you’ve made your way through Ellis Island in the year 1901, history is no longer something you just read about in books — it’s the subject of your own poetry.

We designed the Arts Integration Institute to make this kind of learning possible in every classroom. Each year we give elementary school educators a hands-on opportunity to work with extraordinary teaching artists who understand how classrooms really work. Teachers learn how to think creatively, collaborate and invigorate their classrooms. They also gain:

  • A full week to explore the arts as students.

  • Inspiration for innovative teaching.

  • Time and space to plan collaboratively.

  • Practical lesson plans they can use immediately in the classroom.

  • The ability to integrate arts standards across the curriculum.

  • Support throughout the year through feedback, refresher workshops, and an online resource custom-designed for Arts Integration Institute participants.