Coaching and Editing


You've got the right words, but in the wrong order. Or you know what you want to say, but can't figure out how to make it clear and engaging. Perhaps you simply want to be sure your writing is as brilliant as it can be. Mimi Herman will work with you to make sure your prose or poetry is luminous, your ideas are scintillating and your teeth are pearly white. (Okay, you'll have to take care of your own teeth.) 

If you're just starting a writing project, Mimi can help you figure out what you want to write and how to do it. She'll guide you from inspiration through perspiration and dedication to a book, story or poems that will make you proud. And she'll design a plan with you so you can weave your writing into your everyday life.

Maybe you're stuck somewhere in the middle. Think of Mimi as your writers's block plumber. If you've got a clogged dissertation, a book chapter overflow, or a stopped-up grant proposal, Mimi can get you out of hot water and start your ideas flowing in no time.

Or you've finally reached that glorious moment when you hold in your hands a complete draft of your manuscript. Now what? With practical, inspiring and individualized advice, Mimi will guide you to the next level, to help you figure out what your manuscript wants to be when it grows up as you prepare your work for publication.